PS2 Pnach hacking

I’ve been doing codehacking since ZSNES added it originally, and I’m just now getting to the point where I can mess with PS2 games. This section’ll be for all of those.

Got requests? Post ’em in the comments or drop me an AIM message.

How to use a pnach:

I’m going to start a page with the top of a pnach file. You’ll want to paste this into a file, for example, the following:

gametitle=Tales of the Abyss [SLUS_213.86] (USA) [045D77E9]

Would go into a file called 045D77E9.pnach in your PCSX2/Cheats folder.

Below that line, you can add codes. They’ll be in a separate section below that.


This is an example of a code from the PCSX2 forums (a valuable place!) Think of them like gameshark codes with an odd format.

In deep green’s the first bit, the on/off switch. This should be fairly simple to use. The second is the address section for the PS2, in this case the Emotion Engine. I don’t think it’ll ever be different. The third section’s the memory address for the code in particular. The fourth is the size of what you’re writing. A byte’s only writing the last two digits, a word is the last four, and I think Extended just writes the non-zeroed digits and automatically figures out what you’re trying.

The last bit is the second most important part, the value. You can tweak this for a variety of effects. It’s in a hexadecimal format, so make sure to convert it before editing!

If it’s something you’re going to be spending multiple attempts at getting the right value on, I highly suggest Cheat Engine. Just attach it to PCSX2, add the address manually, and then right click the resulting line and open the memory editor. Don’t be afraid to mess around with stuff!


Dokapon Kingdom

MS Saga: A New Dawn

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