Dokapon Kingdom pnach codes

gametitle=Dokapon Kingdom [SLUS_217.78] (USA) (CDE9832D)

//Modifications during Character Selection
//To get the next player’s, add 2d8 in hex. 20544b40 -> 20544e18 -> 205450F0 -> 205453C8, etc.

//Player 1 Class

//Player 1 Gender (0 for male, 1 for female)

//Ingame modifications. Add 2E8 to these to get to the next player.

//Player 1 Gold

//Player 1 Local Items worth

//Player 1 Experience

//Player name is located at 20544CF0, but I don’t know how to easily make this a code

//Player 1 Wanted Status

//Player 1’s Darkling status (multiplies stats, gives Dark Arts, etc. Not the same as the Darkling class! This is the real deal.)

//Player 1’s status effects: d8f, d90, d91, etc. These act really, really oddly.

Values for use:

Class: (credit to Skiller at Codemasters-Project)

00 = Warror
01 = Magician
02 = Thief
03 = Cleric
04 = Spellsword
05 = Alchemist
06 = Ninja
07 = Monk
08 = Acrobat
09 = Robo Knight
0A = Hero
0B = Darkling (! he missed this. This is odd.)

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