League of Legends and psychology

League of Legends is an interesting game that centers around controlling a single character on a team of five or three. Your success or failure depends wholly on your teammates, far moreso than other team-based games.

It’s an interesting game on its own merits, but the other players are generally fascinating. If you’re queueing up with your friends, you’re likely going to be playing with people far more skilled than you and possibly frustrate you at first because it’s unlikely you’ll be able to defeat high levelled players.

If you’re not, you’re going to be playing with smurfs, who are high levelled players on low accounts, people with poor English, who are hit-or-miss, and people who are utterly clueless about what they’re doing. Low levels of the game are chaos.

Once you’ve broken past level 10 or so, things start to even out. The smurf players become far less common, for one. The people who’re clueless have either gotten a clue or quit. The people with poor english are still around, being enigmatic and confusing. You start to be able to buy characters you enjoy, get runes to fill your rune page to give yourself small stat boosts, and set up masteries to assist your character. If you’ve been playing with a team, you’ll have noticed that very high level players are stronger than you, and this is why.

Eventually, you’ll max your level out. What does this mean?

You get dropped into a vortex of confusion, anger and egotism that positively seethes. Ranked games.

Ranked games use the same Elo system that chess uses to rate players. The team-based nature of the game, however, results in the solo-queue mode of the game being chaos. I’m not quite up to this level yet, or I’d have more to say on it. :p

http://signup.leagueoflegends.com/?ref=4d3df11398ff1111620710 Sign up and give it a try! Full disclosure: I get something neat if you reach level 5/10. I’m The Arcy if you’d like to play sometime.

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