My idea

I’m imagining a website for helping people who’re wanting to seek growth and help. The country’s current mental help system is insufficient, I feel. It’s a patchwork mesh of fragments, reliant on volunteers and oft neglected. I feel like it’s not nearly offering what it could be, and

If a single site could form and harness all these scraps, focus could improve from basic maintenance and local help to improving coverage and utilizing the power of the internet to truly help. Instead of maintaining a thousand shards, volunteers could band together to polish one monolithical internet source of help. Local branches of organizations could also still offer local services without worrying about the online monolith.

This would require legal help, marketing help, and massive gruntwork. The very concept requires professional shaping, as it’d require impressive public relations and psychiatrical opinion to draw people into the concept of wanting to help themselves without shame.

I think it’d be worth it, though. It’d help thousands, save dozens. It’d give hope and shape to static, locked lives. And it’s my only goal.

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