Times of Trouble: I have bad luck with computers.

Until 2006, my family used the same computer we bought in 1996. In ’06, we bought a new one from Best Buy. It died, they refused to take it back, and we ended up on scavenged parts for a bit.

In ’10, I bought a laptop off Craigslist. It had some troubles, including being down for a few months because a clamp or something detached inside and grounded the machine out (!)

I replaced the power adapter with one from sib-usa. It worked for about a month, and then started giving me electrical shocks, culminating in shocking the crap out of me one day and dying.

I bought that a6-3400m as a replacement for it, since I was in the middle of a web design job that I still haven’t collected on. Now it’s down due to the screen being cracked.

I got bored today and decided I’d try the old laptop with a new adapter, and it booted. The ethernet and wifi are both completely ruined, but I’m using an ipod touch with pdanet ( http://junefabrics.com/iphone/index.php ) as a modem.

I have weird luck with computers. It’s too bad Toughbook won’t design a gaming-grade one and toss it to me as a tester!

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