Don’t buy from Gateway.

I have a Gateway NV55S02U. Two days ago, I went to my psychiatrist’s office, sat down, and took it out of my bag. When I turned it on, I noticed an odd discoloration at the bottom right of the screen, and a tiny crack.

Which then spiderwebbed and spread a bit, rendering the system completely unusable as anything but a desktop with an exceedingly odd form factor.

If I hit it on anything, it was soft enough that I didn’t feel it, and it should have been padded by the bag. I don’t think I did.

I had a bit of a panic attack, and I decided Office Depot would be able to help. So I went in there. I was then told that it was a “hardware issue” (see: your fault), and that their warranty was 14 days. Oh boy! I shrugged and decided maybe customer service would help. I called the customer service line, talked to them about how this is my only coping mechanism and all, and was then forwarded…

To the store’s phone number, where they recommended that I use my credit card to buy another laptop from them while mine was being repaired, then return it and say I wasn’t satisfied with it when I got mine back.

Alright, okay. Office Depot won’t help and their manager’s offered me something weird. I’ll go to Gateway, I thought.

I’ve had a bit of a history with Gateway. My first laptop was from them, and I continued using it even when it was giving me electrical shocks through the metal trim. It ended up grounding itself out and dying, and I never got around to shipping it to them to fix because I don’t have the S&H most of the time. This low-end laptop’s the best computer I’ve had, but I don’t exactly ever have funds.

I used their live chat for help, first. Their phone gave me the exact same result, them stating that anything that’d gone wrong with the screen was customer error and that it’d be a minimum of $200 to fix my $400 laptop. Great job!

Don’t buy from Gateway.

I’ve emailed Office Depot’s “customer relations” department but I’m not expecting a reply. I might end up harvesting a screen from an older laptop. :/

UPDATE: Harvesting a screen from an old laptop is a really dumb idea. Do not try it.

Office Depot’s corporate office just called and told me to bring it in for a replacement of equivalent power :v Hopefully it’ll go well! Thanks, Office Depot!

Update 2: I went in and they offered me two B960 Pentium Dualcores and an E-350 as possible exchanges. I walked out. :/

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