Unicru is disgusting.

I’m currently filling out an application for a job and they’re getting me to do a Unicru test.

I’m using an answer key that’s on another site because I don’t know what they want me to pick half the time, because there’s no way they’re being honest with the questions. The guide mentions being Ned Flanders is a good thing.

I don’t know if they’re honestly against the very concept of hiring someone with any form of depression, anxiety, or emotional capabilities, but this test really shouldn’t be asking some of the questions it is.

These are just from the key, ignoring the new ones on the test itself. I’m ignoring the swath of them simultaneously demanding you focus on problems until they’re solved and never get bothered by them or mistakes, ever.

I’m wondering if they really understand what they’re trying to hire, or if this should count as discrimination against people with any sort of mental difference.

Strongly Disagree requirements according to key:

Many people cannot be trusted
You are a fairly private person
You do some things that upset people  (There is nobody who can say they’ve never upset people.)
You do what you want, no matter what others think
You get mad at yourself when you make mistakes
You sometimes thought seriously about quitting highschool (Sweet! I have a GED that’s a legal equivalent of a HSD, but I can get looked down on for this still!)

Strongly Agree requirements according to key:

When someone treats you badly, you ignore it
You are always cheerful
You have no big worries
You have no big regrets about your past
You know when someone is in a bad mood, even if they don’t show it
Your moods are steady from day to day
You try to sense what others are thinking and feeling

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  1. Those things are always fucked up…

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