Gaming in general

I play games sometimes. I haven’t really had the attention span to play any for long in quite a while, besides DoW2 with a friend of mine. I almost never finish a game.

I’m also notoriously picky, to the point of where my friends’ve just thought that I was being ironic. I genuinely do think FFX-2 owns. I’d rather play EDF2017 than most other modern games, besides, like, Vanquish. I feel like games should be fast and allow the player to do what they want, rather than be a series of cutscenes and hallways with shiny voice actors and token gameplay.

I’m primarily a PC gamer, though I’m genuinely cursed when it comes to computers. Every time I get something good, it breaks, so I’ve become used to playing games on horrid settings. :v This $434 computer (a6-3400m, 6520g) is by far the strongest computer I’ve ever had and I just got it a while back. I wouldn’t be surprised if it got hit by a meteor or something. (2/18/2012 edit: the screen died)

My favorite game ever’s probably Super Metroid. The STALKER series is fantastic, and I enjoy fighting games, though I don’t really bother to learn much in them. Maybe I’ll start doing game reviews.

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