About me


My name’s Curtis. I’m 23 as of writing this. I’m writing this in a notebook, then transcribing to this site. It helps to work like that, with my condition.

My condition’s called NVLD, and in my case, the system’s failed me. You can read about it and my experiences here.

I’ve been fascinated by the human mind since high school, when mine was at its worst. I’ve wanted to be a therapist, a psychiatrist, or a social worker. Unfortunately, I’ve been told that I’m unsuited, unstable, and even dense by people I’ve known and wanted to help. I’ve shelved my aspirations to help people in trouble in a clinical manner, until recently.

I think I can change the world. I think I can help everyone, using my experiences.

I once came upon the writings of Carl Jung. He had an alchemical concept of the soul going through a maturation process. It started with a pure white, then evolved through trials to become amber and black until reaching gold, representative of completed growth. The idea, as a method of picturing human development, interests me. I think of our complete development in the same way, in that we grow and mature into a final self. In many cases, this ripening is interrupted. It may be consciously, but it also may be at no fault of the individual.

My goal is to save everyone who’s in stasis who wants help. It’s also to improve the appeal of developing oneself, something I consider to be the most important goal in life. I think of it like karma, really. If you improve and improve those around you, they’ll go on to improve themselves and those around you, and perhaps through your actions you can affect the whole of humankind.

I feel that developmental inertia’s the most dangerous thing a person can be subjected to, and the unavailability of development to some should be rectified.

If you wanna talk to me, my AIM’s inukamiarcy and my email’s thearcy at one of those fancy newfangled gmails.

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